Secrets of writing justification essay example


Secrets of writing justification essay example

A justification essay is one of the common forms of independent student work that is used to test the knowledge and skills gained during the course of study. This form differs from other types of essays in that it involves not only the use and own reinterpretation of knowledge from available sources but also students’ own reflections regarding the issues raised in the essay. Most often this form of independent work is used in disciplines that are designed to form skills of rethinking known truths in order to interpret them in a modern context – for example, sociological, political science, philosophy, although it would be wrong to talk about such a narrow use of this type of independent work.

How to write a reasoning essay on any subject: a few simple secrets from the experts

To write any type of essay, you need to possess some secrets that will help make this process more structured and thoughtful. We suggest using simple recommendations from the experts of “do my paper” service which will help to divide a seemingly complicated process into several simpler steps:

  1. Choose a topic. Based on the peculiarities of the academic discipline, the topic of the future essay should correspond to the syllabus. At the same time, the topic should not be too general – the rationale is always about some specific concept or opinion. To make it immediately clear when you read the paper that it is a justification essay, formulate a clear title according to the topic of the assignment.
  2. State your arguments clearly and consistently. Do not forget that the style of the essay should be scientific or journalistic, without the use of artistic turns. It is better to make the sentences brief so that neither you nor the reader will lose the main idea of your statement. You can also use lists in the text – it will be easier to systematize your arguments. Use as arguments not only information from available sources but also examples from your own experience.
  3. Indicate the main idea of the essay in the introductory part. In this way, you will immediately layout the main idea of your work, and further on, as you develop, you will consistently present arguments in favor of your thought. Justification essays differ from other types of essays because the author does not lead to the main conclusions at the end as you analyze the facts and arguments, but at the beginning, gradually filling the entire text with the necessary arguments.
  4. Do not forget about the conclusions at the end of the work. Do not forget that the essay justification has a classic structure for this type of independent work, so at the end, it is necessary to indicate the conclusions concerning the analysis of the arguments given in the text. They should be brief, but capacious, confirming the idea indicated in the introductory part and correspond to the arguments presented in the text, and not contradict them. It is also important that the conclusions should be authorial and grounded in the author’s personal experience.
  5. Divide the process of writing into several stages. At first glance, it may seem that a justification essay is something more complicated than an essay in the usual sense for most people. However, if you divide the process of writing a paper into several steps, it will make the job much easier. In addition, this way you will be able to pick up stronger arguments in support of your thought.

You should not be afraid of something new, especially in the learning process – in the end, it may turn out to be a chance to show your talent.