Users can easily see PCI Simple Communications Controller in Device Manager with a yellow sign, through it they can easily search the list with the title “Other devices”. It is a bit complicated to update drivers for this device, on your own as it can be contrasting devices and the manufacturer is unknown. If you have this issue device, just go for the following methods and you will find how to fix this driver issue readily.
There are three ways through which you can update PCI simple communications controller:

pci simple communications controller

Method 1: Utilize Windows to Update the Driver

  • This way is one of the simplest you can update the driver on your own through Device Manager. You can follow below steps:

    In Device Manager you can right click on the device name and choose Properties. After that you will see the Properties Window will open.
  • In “General” tab, press Update Driver button.
update driver
  • In the next steps Press Search automatically for the sake of updated driver software. If your Windows have drivers for the device, the driver will be updated in automatic way.
search automatically for updated driver software

Method 2: Hardware ID to Search Drivers

This is another issue when windows fail to provide you withthe proper drivers. If your PCI Simple Communications Controller driver cannot be updated through using Windows, you can also utilize its hardware id to search for the rightdriver for your system. According to the variety every device has its own hardware id, same goes with PCI Simple Communications Controller.

  • First you will go In Properties Window and then press Details tab.
  • Under “Property”, choose Hardware Ids.
pci simple communications controller properties
  • Right-click on the hardware id and press Copy. (In case you can see more than one value just copy the one which is longest.)
  • In the last step of this process just Copy and paste the hardware id to the browser you are currently using. Use “hardware id+driver+Windows OS” to find the particulardriver. The links that have right result will always come on top of the beginning of the result page. Then users can open the link and follow the guideline to download safe driver for their PC.

Method 3: Always use Driver Easy to Update the Driver

This is the last method in case first two ways don’t fix the trouble of PCI Simple Communications Controller or if you have difficulty updating the drivers on your own, you can do it through automatic way with the help of Driver Easy.

Driver Easy automatically identifies your system and find the correct drivers for it to make it work safe. There is no need to know what system your computer is presently running, except that there is no need to risk to download and install the incorrect driver, and you don’t need to be anxious about making a mistake while installation.

Users can update their drivers automatically with the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it will just 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee.)

  • Download and install Driver Easy.
  • Run Driver Easy application and press Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your system and find all problematic drivers.

In case you know what device PCI Simple Communications Controller pinpoint (In most cases, the PCI Simple Communications Controller is Intel(R) Management Engine Interface), you can search it in driver category shown by Driver Easy. After that, you will press the Update button to download and install the correct and safe version of this driver automatically (users can also do this with the FREE version).

driver easy


PCI Simple Communications Controller can be installed manually as well as automatically. The best way to install it is to do it manually because it would be easier, safest and less tiring rather than doing it manually. By following above methods you can successfully install PCI Simple Communications Controller with no effort.

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