How to Setup Chromecast

Chromecast is a device introduced by the Google. It is used to stream photos, videos and music direct to your TV using your mobile, tablet or a pc device. You can also mirror your Android device screen by using Google Home App. It is a cheap device to buy as compared to other devices like Roku streaming Stick+ and Apple TV 4k.

As Chromecast dongle device is changing its physical shape with time, its setup instructions are the same as its first ever introduced for simplicity.

Solution: let’s go for the solution of “How to Setup Chromecast“.  Setting up a Chromecast dongle device is very simple. Although if you find any difficulty in setting it up, Follow our step by step guide.

Pre-Requisite for Chromecast Setup

  1. TV with HDMI port.
  2. USB port in TV to plug in the Chromecast device (optional).

Setup a Chromecast device

Step 1: Chromecast device comes up with HDMI cable connected with it. Connect Its HDMI cable in your TV’s HDMI port. Turn it’s power on by connecting it to the USB port available in TV.

Note: If you don’t have USB port in your TV, no need to worry. Chromecast device provides you port to plug in your charger to turn on this device.

Step 2: Now Turn on your TV and connect to HDMI mode using your TV remote. Chromecast device homepage should be shown over there.

Step 3: Now download the Google Home App on you Android or IOS device by visiting the official download link

Step 4: After completion of downloading app, open the app and tap the menu icon displayed on the left top corner of the Google Home app. Then click on devices. Tap on “Add a new device”. It’ll show you instructions to connect with Chromecast hardware device. So, go to the “Settings”, tap on WIFI network and choose the network named as Chromecast from the list. Then come back to the Google Home App in devices section. It’ll show you message as “Chromecast found”. Tap on continue.

Step 5: The next screen will show you the code which should be matched with displayed code on the TV. If it is matched, tap on “I see the code”. Then tap on continue. Next screen will prompt you to select WIFI network. Tap on Select a Wi-Fi network, choose from the list of networks to connect your WIFI. After successful connection, Chromecast device on TV should be connected by showing you the message as “Ready to Cast”.

Step 6: Open YouTube app, play any video and you’ll see cast icon How to Setup Chromecast on top right corner of the video. Tap on that icon and video will be played on the TV.

I fully hope this article help to setup chromecast Easily. Don’t hesitate to place any question related to this topic in the comment box.


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