Free Driver Scout is no doubt one of the best driver updater programs because it gives driver downloads via automatic way. Free Driver Scout will find and install all of your old device drivers via automatic processing and don’t bother you with clicks or leave other tasks for users.

Note: This review is about Free Driver Scout version 1.0.

It assists many versions of Windows, with a nice attribute that’s supportive and more significant to the main processing of upgrade of Windows.

  • Free Driver Scout searches and downloads the device drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
  • Not officially announced, but it is workable with Windows 10.
  • The time when Free Driver Scout found hardware that needs driver updates, users can hide any of them from popping up for a future scan. Which is supportive of any hardware that users don’t need updating every time.
  • It is visible for users to see the version number and date it was introduced of the presently downloaded driver, same in the case with the new, updated version date, supportive for checking that the driver update is what you genuinely need.
  • Free Driver Scout can backup and revive some or all of the downloaded drivers out of cost.
  • OS Migration Tool is a characteristic that is included in Free Driver Scout that allow you to install device drivers for a dissimilar version of Windows (like Windows 8 in case you’re using 7). Which is helping in case you plan on updating Windows to the latest version.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Driver Scout:


  • Simple to download.
  • Assists set scheduled scans and scanning on your own.
  • Updates can be configured to be downloaded via automatic processing.
  • Bulk installs.
  • No input is needed during the process of downloading updates.


  • Doesn’t find as many old drivers as other software does.
  • Tries to download many unrelated programs while setup.

Experts Opinions:

Free Driver Scout is a good preference for a driver updater program in case you don’t need to worry about scans and installs them on your own. You can also backup drivers and even install drivers for a dissimilar OS.

As we have said before that Free Driver Scout simply doesn’t find many old drivers the way some other driver updater tools. So it is not a good thing because even though the software does all the tiring work for you. It’s not the best device available in case others are able to give more information about old device drivers.

Note: While setup, the downloader tries to include a few unrelated programs to your PC with the Free Driver Scout software. In case you need to hide those programs from downloading, you must tap the Decline button for every offer.
From the above information, we hope that users might probably get to know more about free driver scout.

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