The old name of Driver Talent was DriveTheLife that is free of cost driver updater device that searches old, problematic and misplaced device drivers on your system so you don’t have to find them out on the internet, on your own. The program organized and helps few components, all of which users don’t think something like that can provide. To download the Driver Talent click here.

Note: This information is about Driver Talent version

Driver Talent allows users to download drivers once again that doesn’t have an update. It would very helpful if users are able enough to resolve a driver issue:

More Information about Driver Talent:

  • It finds drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
  • With the help of Driver Talent Program, drivers can be backed up.
  • It is visible for users to see an updated driver’s file size, version number, and release date so you can compare it with the one downloaded driver’s version number to confirm that you’re without any doubt going towards a real update.
  • Driver Talent shuts down the PC via automatic processing the time it completes downloading drivers. Which is supportive in case you know that a reboot delayed in any condition after the updates.
  • Before users go for updating a driver, they can select a dissimilar version than the previous one in case you’d like to download a particular version of that driver in place of the new one.
  • In case you are thinking about downloading Windows after some time, you can utilize Driver Talent to install all the important drivers and then utilize the exact program to download them again, the time you are up for it.
  • Driver Talent has this ability to download any of the previous drivers disregarding the fact of an update.
  • Peripheral Drivers tab utilized to update Printers, Bluetooth Devices, Mice, and other peripherals.
  • Utilizing the link named Drive Talent for Network Card on the installation page to download an offline version that also adds network drivers, which is helpful in case you don’t have the network driver required to download updates.
  • Users can also set the installation speed for the installation process so they can secure bandwidth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driver Talent:


  • Simple to utilize.
  • Downloads within seconds.
  • Installs drivers directly via the program.
  • High installation speeds.
  • Before updating and deleting it backs up drivers via automatic processing.


  • Automatic scanning schedule can’t be changed.
  • All drivers should be installed, one after another.
  • Fix tries to download a program that is not related.

Experts Opinion about Driver Talent:

The interface of Driver Talent is easy and clean without any ads or extra menus to bother you. The Drivers Status tab explains you which device drivers are in need of repairing and backed up, and the button their does both of those things for you to all those drivers that are in need of installing the right drivers and backing up all those drivers that weren’t gone through from the process of backing up. Experts suggest the utilization of Driver Talent so you can go and find drivers for your devices even though it doesn’t help bulk installs like some driver updater devices do. You supposed to scan them on your own. As it gives you escape from finding and installing them via inter first.

Note: While the process of downloading Driver Talent. You might be asked to download something else that you don’t need, including browser toolbar. In this case, users can exclude it if they want to so that it doesn’t get included in your system. There is no need to utilize it if you want to gain access to Driver Talent.

The information shared in this article might probably help users to get to know better about driver talent review and its proper utilization.

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