In case you find the issue “Display Driver Stopped Responding”, your system most probably starts hanging for the certain duration and will not work. You should not be panicked because of it. There are a lot of users who are facing trouble because of this issue.


It happens when the Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) feature detects that the Graphics card isn’t working within the specified time, and the display driver is restarted to avert the necessity to continue. The factors below are the main reasons of Display Driver Stopped Responding on windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10:

  • The trouble with display drivers
  • Overheating or warming of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • A lot of continued programs or particular application
  • The issue of GPU timeout (the most known cause)

By following the given methods, you can fix the issue of Display Driver Stopped Responding on Windows 10.

1. Update Graphics Driver:

At times, Display Driver Stopped Responding issues ends when you update graphics or display card driver to the latest and most modified and updated version. This should be one of the most authentic methods to be applied by the user to solve the trouble. It is also the easiest way to solve Display Driver stopped responding on windows 10 issue.

You can use Driver DR, download and install the driver that is best for your PC. Manufacturers such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, and many others can all be found in our well-founded database.

You can Download the driver to click here

When your download ends you will follow the given instructions all as explained. After that, you will double-click it to run it on your system.

Here we will explain how you can utilize Driver DR to support you with the download and install of the needed driver in details.

  • Press “Scan Now” button. After that, you will wait for a couple of minutes before the procedure of scanning ends.

Driver DR

  • This is how it would look like after the scan.Driver DR Settings
  • Press “Get Drivers” button to select the drivers you need to update.
    You could select to download the drivers one after another or download all the drivers all at once to save your time by pressing “Download All”.

Driver DR Pic

  • Press the “Install” button after the download is completed. Then you will leave it to Driver DR, that will support you with the next steps of installation.

Driver DR download


2. Using Task Manager to Close Program

Display Driver Stopped Responding can be solved sometimes if you open “Task Manager” to close a particular program that works in the background, programs like video program or gaming procedure. It will further support to unloose the pressure on your GPU. After that, you can start “Task Manager” by pressing the taskbar button and then right-click “Start Task Manager.”

3. TDR Value Data Increasing

The way we have explained before, the default setting of the response time of Recovery and Timeout Detection could be one of the biggest symptom that is causing conflict in the Display Driver Stopped Responding. The default setting is just 2 seconds, if you set it more than 2, the problem will be resolved.

  • Adjacent all the programs that are based on Windows.
  • Unlock Registry Editor.
  • Here is how you can do the process:
  • Write “regedit” in the search box and then click “Enter” and select “Yes”.

regedit Run command

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > GraphicsDrivers
    to enter GraphicDriver Settings.
  • Search for the “TdrDelay” file on the bottom. Right-click it, select the third option to remove it.Note: If you “TdrDelay” file not available or exist then follow the below steps to create the new one. 

Display drivers stopped responding


Display Driver stopped responding

  • Right click on the blank space and select “New”. Then select the right option according to your operating system (32-bit or 64-bit) and change the file name as “TdrDelay”.
  • For 32 bit Operating system.

32 Bit Tdr


  • Right click “TdrDelay” and select “Modify” to press Edit Value Interface.

TDR delay

  • Write in a number above 2, say 8, and then set the new made file default value as Zero.

64 bit Operating system

Now can see it on your own, this is way more complicated then you ever think and might even be the reason for some unwanted problem.

4. System Package Updating

Display Driver Stopped Responding issue will end sometimes when you will update your operating system. It’s up to you, you can do it by using the automatic update of Microsoft which is supported by a third party program or you can also find the drivers on the official websites easily.

5. Reset the GPU Frequency

In case your GPU is revved up, it is suggested by the users that you set it to below standard or the same as standard. There are many GPU overclocking utilities, such as Gainward Expertool, AMD OverDrive, Asus GPU Tweak, Sapphire Trixx, EVGA Precision, King tool MSI Afterburner and Zotac Firestorm.

MSI Afterburner is the most well-known GPU overclocking utility all over the whole world. It helps probably all the latest and updated version of NVIDIA and AMD graphic card. Customers can also repose the checklist of things such as the speed of the fan, shader clock, core GPU clock’s etc.

Download MSI Afterburner from here:

By following the installation instructions, you can install this program on your system.
Click twice to run it, after that you will see an interface like this.
Five things are necessary that you need to repose. And for reset the GPU frequency,
You can also reset the Core Clock database, reduce this database or keep it as default.

6. Update Motherboard/Bios Drivers

If your problem still remains after the update of your graphics drivers, you can try to update the motherboard drivers, almost all the hardware is associated to the motherboard (which applies most to old computers). Hence you need to check if the drivers for the motherboard are old if yes, please find out the latest versions and update them.

7. Cooling Computer

By putting your hand on your system, in case it is too hot, you can switch it off and wait for some time to cool it down on a normal temperature after that you can switch it on again. In case you are using a laptop, you can also use the radiator to support your computer to be cool down when you are enjoying yourself while playing games or entertaining yourself in some other ways.

Another option for you to do it is to remove the dust off from your graphics card and PC. In case you are using a desktop, just open the main box to check and clean the fan that is inside the system. Those who use laptops, a radiator is created beforehand that is necessary because there are many manufacturers that need different methods of cleaning according to their choice and convenience.

8. Change Graphic Card

It is important to change your graphics card when it’s necessary. Situations like when the graphics card is too old to be compatible with new and modified version of games or to process a lot of images at a time, you have to think about changing it and buy a new one. It would be better for Display Driver Stopped Responding on Windows 10 and other versions of Windows. Because the problem is that the old graphics cards will not support the new versions of games as games are updated in a faster speed that’s why you need higher configuration graphic support.

9. Close Some Programs Running in the Background

Too many programs running at the same time can also slow down the speed of your system and that’s why Display Driver Stopped Responding. Try to end the programs and apps that you are not using or that are unnecessary for you at a specific time. In case the problem occurs only when you are using a specific application, it may have known issues or corrupt files. Finish this application and see if the problem finishes.

10. Check If There is Failing Hardware

Failing Hardware (motherboard and/or memory, processor, graphics card,) is also a cause of the defect in your system. You can test the hardware in another system to check in case the problem is because of the hardware. On the contrary, you can also contact the memory or motherboard manufacturer for better comprehensive troubleshooting directions.

11. Reinstallation of Windows

Sometimes, your windows operation system contains some corrupt or registry files which cause display driver stopped responding error. So, the Best way to reinstall the Windows because, in this way, you can clean the operation system’s corrupt files or registry.

Note: Before the start, the clean reinstallation of Windows, must take backup of all your important data because, during the reinstallation of Windows, system data of desktop and C drive will be deleted.

Now if your system starts hanging, no need to be worried. Try all of the above methods one after another if you are unable to fix Display Driver Stopped Responding on all version of Windows. We recommend you to try any of the above methods and fix your system’s error.

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