7 Methods to Disable CDpusersvc Error Code 15100 in Windows 10

The time users have been upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, they faced weird module in the Windows Service, that wasn’t available there before: CDpusersvc <Failed to Read Description. Error Code: 15100. Users think that it seems to be ridiculous that Microsoft hasn’t filled in any description regarding this module because it doesn’t know what kind of services it provides and how does it work.

It has also been complained by users of Windows 10 that CDpusersvc is messed up. They said that they are receiving issues about logs for services that utilize it. Apart from that, there are other problems regarding safety. The most bothersome thing is that users are unable to get what is the true nature of the application is, so they can to maintain it for its proper utilization.

The best part is that users can easily get rid of this error because it doesn’t affect Windows in any manner. In case it causes consistent issues then you can erase it by utilizing Regedit.

Disabling CDpusersvc in Windows 10:

CDpusersvc error code 15100 pops up on your system and lead to many other errors. When talking about CDpusersvc and other errors, the following are some of the most frequent issues that users have complained about:

  • CDpusersvc has stopped responding, crash: Users have said that this procedure can crash most of the time or give you the message that it has stopped working or responding. In case it occurs, it’s suggested to disable the procedure by modifying your registry.
  • CDpusersvc virus: This procedure might probably look like malware, but it should be safe. In case you’re conscious that your system gets infected, you should go for a full system scan and check in case that issue resolves.
  • CDpusersvc failed to read: This is an issue that can start with Cdpusersvc. To solve the issue, you have to try deleting and blocking those updates that are causing the error.
  • CDpusersvc high CPU: This process utilizes many resources. Microsoft is already aware of this error, so the solution should be accessible in form of Windows update.

Following are some procedures through which users can resolve cdpusersvc error:

1). Change your Registry:

Users can resolve CDpusersvc error code 15100 by modifying their registry. The registry has every type of private information and it permits users to disable many other services like this one.

But modifying the registry is a bit dangerous so users have to be more cautious. Users can modify their registry and disable this feature by going for the below steps:

  • As initial step tap Windows Key + R and enter regedit then click Enter or press OK.

regedit option


    • The time you see that Registry Editor opens, go to


Registry Editor


  • Now change the Start value data from 2 to 4(Disabled).
  • At the end, just reboot PC and you will see that CDpusersvc should be disabled. You would also be able to see that the number is dissimilar now (CDPUserSvc_35375), but confirm it first that the module has been disabled.

2). Erasing Problematic Update:

Users have said that after updating they have seen CDpusersvc error code 15100. In case it happens, it is suggested that you have to find and delete the updates that are causing errors in your system. In case you downloaded system update not a very long time ago and you’re facing this problem, it’s suggested to find and delete that update so you can resolve this issue. You can do it by going for the below steps:

  • As the first step tap Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
  • Then navigate to the Update & Security section.

Windows Settings app

Uninstall a Windows update

  • Here just tap View installed update history.

Windows Update

  • After the completion of the above steps, you will see the list of updates that have been downloaded. Go for all new updates and keep in mind their names. Tap Uninstall updates.

Installed Update History


  • At the end, you will see that the list of updates will pop up. Just double-click the update you need to delete and follow the steps on the screen so you can delete it.

The time you delete the update, check in case the error with Cdpusersvc is solved or not. If it has been sorted out then you should block this update from the process of installation in future. Windows 10 downloads the misplaced updates via automatic processing, and if you don’t want to block this update from installation, the error will pop up again.

3). Download Latest Updates:

In case you are facing errors related to CDpusersvc error code 15100 then there is this possibility that the issue might be the updates that are misplaced. Microsoft already knows about this error, and it’s trying to resolve it. There are higher possibilities that the solution is there in form of Windows Update.

Windows 10 installs the updates via an automatic process in the background by default, but at times errors step an update or multiple updates from installation. Users can solve this issue by checking updates on their own. By following the below steps users can do it:

  • As initial step open the Settings app and go to Update & Security section.
  • Then press Check for updates button.

Windows Update picture


You would be able to see that Windows will find out all accessible updates and install all pending ones in the background. Once you will see that the updates have been installed, just reboot your system so you can download them. The time your system will update to the newest version, check in case the error is there or ended.

4). Isolate the Procedure:

By isolating the procedure, users can also resolve CDpusersvc error code 15100. You are just supposed to run a few commands with the help of Command Prompt. On Windows 10, users can do it by following the below instructions:

  • Just tap Windows Key + X to open Win + X menu and select Command Prompt (Admin). In case Command Prompt isn’t accessible then you can utilize PowerShell (Admin).

Command Prompt

  • After the completion of above steps when you see that Command Prompt has opened, just write sc config cdpusersvc write =own and run this command.
  • The cdpusersvc process will be isolated the time you start the above instruction and might probably solve all issues relevant to it.

5). Making a .bat File to Stop the Service:

If you’re having problems with CDpusersvc error code 15100, one workaround might be to create a .bat file that will close the problematic process for you. To do that, you just need to follow these steps:

  • As first step open Notepad.
  • Then time Notepad opens, paste the below commands:


SC QUERY state= all>servicesdump.txt

FINDSTR /L /C:”SERVICE_NAME: CDPUserSvc_” servicesdump.txt >CDPservice.txt

FOR /F “usebackq tokens=2” %%i IN (CDPservice.txt) DO SET CDPUserSvc=%%i

NET Stop “%CDPUserSvc%”

SC  Delete “%CDPUserSvc%”

DEL CDPservice.txt

DEL servicesdump.txt

Here tap on File > Save as.

Notepad file


  • Then set Save as to All Files and enter fix.bat in File name field.  Just tap Save to save changes.

File name


At the end you just need to locate the fix.bat file and run it, and you see that the Cdpusersvc service has been stopped. Keep this thing in your mind that this is now an ultimate solution, so you have to repeat it in case the error pops up again.

6). Scanning your System in Case of Malware:

Cdpusersvc comes along with an irregular arrangement of numbers, which seems out of the ordinary. There are many users who have misinterpreted this procedure with malware since it has a different name.

In case you are afraid that your system will get some virus we suggest you to go for a full system scan with an antivirus software. There are numerous antivirus tools available in the market, but for best security, you should try BullGuard.

7). Performing a System Restore:

Some users recommended that by going for the option of System Restore. If you’re not aware of it, this feature will permit you to return all the changes and solve other issues on your system. You can run a System Restore by following the below instructions:

  • As the first step tap Windows Key + S and enter system restore. Select create a restore point from the menu.

System Restore

  • Now system Properties window will pop up. Just press the System Restore button.

system properties

  • Then System Restore window opens, tap Next.

Restore system file

  • Now check Show more restore point options. Choose the desired restore point and press Next.

System restore files


    • At the end follow the steps that are on the screen so you can restore your system.

    When your system will be restored, just check in case the issue is still there or ended. Also keep in mind that this error occurs because of Windows Update, and in case that’s the reason behind it, find out the update that is causing trouble and block it from installation.

    Microsoft has many errors to fix this issue, although its forums are full of CDpusersvc Forum.
    In other words, we can say that nobody knows how the CDpusersvc module works actually.


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